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PROFIL® Fastening Systems

Rivet Nuts Types: RND, RSN, RSF, RSK, REN
Rectangular Pierce Nuts Types: HIP ON WIRE / HIP LOOSE UMP ON WIRE / UMP LOOSE
Self Pierce Clinch Nuts Types: MHN, MHD, A9N
Self Pierce Rivet Studs Types: PFS, SBF, SBK, KSB
Rivet Studs Types: NBR
Clinch Studs Type: EBF

PEM® Fasteners

Nuts For Sheet Metal
Cable Tie-Mounts And Hooks For Sheet Metal
Studs and Pins For Sheet Metal
For Mounting Into Printed Circuit Boards
Standoffs For Sheet Metal
microPEM® Fasteners
Captive Panel Screws And Hardware
Weld Nuts
Sheet-To-Sheet Attachment
VariMount® Bonding Fasteners